Belarusian Wildlife Protection group

Specially protected natural areas (reserves, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and natural monuments) conserve the natural and cultural heritage of our country, as well as increase the welfare of local residents. It is an exceptional place in terms of biodiversity, which is extremely valuable for the ecosystem of the planet.

The most pressing challenges of SPNAs are:

  • human-induced degradation of natural ecosystems;
  • extinction of species and natural objects;
  • imperfect legislation;
  • the lack of sustainable management;
  • protection and unavailability of information;
  • lack of understanding of the importance of wildlife conservation.


With its activities, BWP encourages the creation of new and the expansion of existing SPNAs, as well as the improvement of management effectiveness and wildlife conservation in these areas. The working group promotes best practices for the conservation of nature, participates in the improvement of the legislative and regulatory framework.


  • Bahna NGO
  • APB BirdLife Belarus NGO
  • Ecohome NGO
  • Local activists from the regions including SPNAs

Target audience

Residents of Belarus from the regions with SPNAs, the executing management and staff of SPNAs, scientists, government agencies that manage and monitor the SPNAs


Awareness-raising, actions, projects, roundtable discussions and seminars, expeditions

Decision-making bodies

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental ProtectionThe Presidential Property Management Directorate of the Republic of BelarusState Environmental Institutions (SEI)